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Service Guarantee

Landlord Furniture Packages UK’s commitment to customer service is sincere and thorough.  We know that our reputation, continuing growth and success, is built on happy, satisfied customers who not only love living with our products but who have found the process of acquiring them friendly and efficient.

We endeavour at all times to serve our customers promptly and courteously. We give a full guarantee on all our products, guaranteeing against any faulty component or material, or any failure, in normal use, occurring within 12 months of purchase.


Solid Hardwood Furniture

Our manufacturers apply a water and heat resistant clear lacquer finish to bring out the intrinsic beauty of the wood and to protect it from the knocks and shocks of daily use. To clean, wipe with a soft damp cloth (no abrasive cleaners) and, if you wish, a good quality natural wax polish can be applied occasionally. Spray polishes containing silicone should not be used.

Oiled Wood

Regular applications of good quality Oil or furniture wax will keep your oiled wood in good condition.

Heat Marks

Despite the application of a water and heat resistant finish, extreme heat will mark lacquered or oiled wood surfaces.

Painted Furniture

The two layers, undercoat and top coat, of satin finish paint colour matched to your specification is protected by a final application of clear lacquer. To clean use a soft cloth and dilute detergent. No abrasive cleaners should be used

Fabric & Faux leather upholstery

To clean both fabric and Faux leather upholstered items, wipe with a soft damp cloth (no abrasive cleaners)